For When You're Stressing Out Over Christmas


Does it feel like your holiday to-do list will never be complete? Do you balance it all well or feel 24 hours is not enough time to do life well?

You are not alone.

It is easy to define our life by productivity or success, but the Lord does neither. He only ask that we come to Him and "press on towards the goal" of living a life that reflects our Lord and Savior. Satan has a great way of pulling us away from our service and callings to lead us to find our definition of success in our abilities.

What keeps me from serving the Lord fully? Distractions. Schedules. Juggling. With all of the daily to-dos, I wake up asking the Lord, how will you empower me to do these jobs today? As work and motherhood take up all of the daily hours, it seems some days that there is no time for a "quiet time". Even these beautiful writings to the Lord become another to-do, when the heart of my service to the Lord is handing every word over for His glory.


Lord, give me the strength to press on, even when I am tired. Give me the strength I do not have. Remind me that I am not alone in my journey and that if I focus on You, I will be amazed at how you are gloriously weaving together, everything for my good. Amen.