Prayers for the Overwhelmed Mom


Fog covers every inch of the outside world and the view from the window reminds me that it is both the fall and time for being thankful for the warmth of a big cup of hot chocolate and big sweaters. The baby plays happily with the simplest of toys and for a moment, all is well.

I am sure I am not the only mother who has ever wished that more of these moments existed. For every task and the work that takes me away from these quiet moments is both necessary for living and a service to the Lord, but I still relish in the moments of peace.

In this day, you would think there would be more open discussion on how to encourage mothers and less shame regarding technique. The women of our generation have been asked to do more than any other generation before, but without our mothers considering the consequences of ‘having it all’. I can tell you this, being both a mother and career woman, leaves me feeling less like I have it all and more like there is less of me to share. I feel pulled in either direction, with guilt on whether I am investing enough time in either task. I am thankful for the road paved by women before me, but instead of creating a world of choice, we have created a world of having to choose both.


We pray for mothers today. Pray for the single mom who is spread too thin. Pray for the young mother who overly tired and not sure if she is doing her best. Pray for our generation, that we would value the role of motherhood and become encouragers to every mother around us. We pray that we would understand that in our weakness, we are bringing Glory to You.




1.       Being a mom can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we have a place to take all of our questions and fears of the unknown in parenting. Run to God who promises to be your safe place to take refuge.

2.       Pray that you will choose to find refuge in the Lord especially when overwhelming thoughts and feelings threaten to take over. Pray that your child or children will find refuge in the Lord.