Prayer for Trusting God in Hard Times

Glorify-Magazine-Prayer-for-Trusting-God-in-Hard -Times

It is often in the moments of our everyday day trials we are reminded  of how much we need God. Why does it take trials or hardships to draw us near to our Savior? 

We live under the illusion that we can get through life on our own and in our strength. Weakness is shamed by our culture instead of identified as a result from crazy schedules, personal responsibility and physical exhaustion. 

We forget, that "With God, nothing is impossible." (Luke 1:37) Pray to the Lord to give you strength in whatever you are going through right now. The Holy Spirit is the Helper, ask the Lord for help in whatever your trial is. We are not alone. We have the Almighty right by our side.  

Prayer: Lord, We need you today. Give us the strength today to go out into the world, remembering who You are and let us bring joy and encouragement to everyone we interact with today. Help us to remember that we serve a God in that nothing is impossible.