Why We Need to Change the Way We Talk About Our Kids


I’m tired of Saturdays consumed by soccer games. My evenings revolve around baseball practice, basketball games, student ministry small groups and PTA meetings. Loud talking and yelling fill the air at family meals. Afternoons consist of required reading, math assignments and spelling tests. My life would be so easy if it weren’t for my kids.

Often these are the cries and whines of my heart when it comes to my children. Grab some of these soundbites and all you would hear is the sound of me complaining about parenting and children. While I say I love them, you sure can’t tell it by the complaints from this father of four.

A few months ago I wrote a post on For The Family called “What Can You and I Do To Help Premarried Couples?” The basic premise and main challenge of the post revolves around our need as married couples to change the way we speak about marriage. If all we talk about is how hard it is, then why would any young couple want to get married?

Today I write in a similar vein, but instead of talking about marriage, I want to focus on parenting. If all we do is talk about how hard parenting is and how challenging our children can be, then why would we expect young married couples to want to have children?

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For the Family,

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