Book Review: The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot

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In my recent quiet times, I have had the joy of discovering a great book, "The Shaping of a Christian Family" by Elisabeth Elliot. In sharing the history of her family, she shines light on a home that reflected the love of Christ through true stewardship and heartfelt discipline.

I am sad to say that our cultural is so different from what is described, that it often feels as though she is speaking about a family on another planet. Commitments are held in high honor, the family roles preserved, and the discipline to "die to oneself", a precious gift to leave at the feet of Jesus, are all seen as the accepted call of the Christian family.

One of the reasons I love reading Elisabeth Elliot, is because she is always great at reminding us, that none of these things were done in their own strength. It required being in connection with the Lord, His Word and His people daily.

Today, we often find it comical to describe what a mess our lives are and shout our inadequacies as what "real life" looks like. I write this, because I am the best at this. Holding yourself to a higher standard, requires you to humbly go to the Lord to ask for strength to carry it out. 

In a convicting passage, she speaks at how her parents (and quotes Martin Luther on the subject as well), that the tasks that we see as lowly and monotonous, are actually privileges given by the Lord. 

Every hard day at work, diaper changed, laundry to fold, trash to be taken out, should be seen as precious jewels of service for the Lord.

What would happen if we had a heart of thankfulness instead of dread?

Thank you Lord that I have a job to pay our bills. Thank you Lord for giving me this precious child and entrusting them into our care.

I recently shared with my community group, that for years I had prayed to be a wife and mother. One evening as I found myself grudgingly putting up folded clothes, it dawned on me....I had prayed for this very moment. I am asking the Lord to help me to see these mundane moments as precious gifts and to approach life with a heart of gratitude.

Pray with me now:

Lord, help me to have a heart of service. Help me to ask You for help when I just feel overwhelmed of the tasks that lie ahead. Help me to be thankful with the "precious jewels" that You have entrusted me with. Give me the strength to reflect Your heart of love and service in every thing I do today. Amen.