Truths Stay-at-Home and Working Moms Can Agree On


I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who after almost two decades as a homemaker, now has time to pursue other passions. She was down, because of the overwhelming feeling that she must 'achieve' a career or define herself in something other than being someone's wife or mother.

This conversation could not have been more timely, as I was struggling with the exact opposite desire. I longed to devote all my time to the running of our home than juggling the pressures of a full-time job and caring for our young daughter.

It was in this moment, the Lord brought great clarity to the answer to both of our struggles: we both desired to find fulfillment in pursuing the desires of hearts. I reminded my friend (and myself) that we must not believe the lie that her years of services as a stay at home mom were without value. There is nothing wrong with longing to follow our passions, but we must remember that in everything the Lord has given us, He has granted us a mighty gift. This beautiful woman has sacrificed blood, sweat, tears and her own 'worldly' achievements to support her husband and raise her three beautiful daughters. She woke at dawn to make breakfast and meticulously packed lunches to a level of pinterest perfection. She has taken pride in her position and now she comes before the Lord asking, how can I be of service to my family outside the home, as my girls mature into young women?

On the other hand, the Lord showed me, that right now, He has asked me to serve my family by working full-time. My desire to give my heart and energy to my family only, is not wrong, in fact, it is the first calling that I am given by the Lord. Instead, I reflected on the heart of gratefulness, have I thanked the Lord for giving me a job with flexibility? Have I thanked the Lord that I can help our family financially while my husband is school? I had been going to the Lord with a heart longing only for my own desires, than seeing that the Lord has gifted me with this service for a reason. The bible tells us to "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4). In my infancy, I first thought this meant that the Lord would give me for what I asked for, but I have now learned that when I lean into the Lord, understand His Word, and are surrounded by His people, my desires will be to open myself to uncomfortable situations, growing pains, and seasons in which I don't understand because I can trust that if the Lord desires it for my life, then it will be for my ultimate good and will bring Him glory.


1. What is the Lord asking you to do today, that is growing you out of your comfort zone?

2. Looking back, how has the Lord used tough seasons in your life, for your good?

3. Pray this today: Lord, I have been living my life, longing for my own desires, help me to see that you are not trying to rip me off, but desire to give me life. Help me to trust you and be 'all in' by trusting you with all of my life.